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icon and graphic makers
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icon_makers is a place where you can post and request icons and other graphics.

  • If you're posting more than 4 icons or questionable context (i.e. violence), use a [lj-cut].
  • If you are just showing off your graphics and do not want anyone to take them, say so.
  • Please follow each posters rules. If the post says nothing about credit, then please credit the poster. [See here to learn how to credit].
  • Please put any long/complicated requests under a [lj-cut].
  • Do not ask for a cutomisation of a graphic here without asking the original maker for permission first.
  • Crediting is a must for all requests, unless the maker explicitly says otherwise. [See here to learn how to credit].

header_contest - A new theme every two weeks!
christian_icons - Glorifying Jesus in an LJ sort of way
lyrichristian - Christian music lyrics icontest
lyrical_walls - Wallpaper contest
uplifting_icons - Helping to build a more positive outlook through graphics

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Got a complaint about us/our members? Comment [here] (comments are screened).
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